A Hard Day’s Night 50th Anniversary Screening

celebrate the 50th anniversary of a hard day’s night in theaters!

If there's any decade I wish I could have been a part of, it's the 1960s. From Twiggy to space exploration, this period came packed with the ultimate in pop culture moments. Probably, the best known of them all, is the phenomenon that was The Beatles. It's safe to say that some of our favorite modern bands, fashion trends, and film plotlines can be linked back to the story of the four Liverpool dreamboat musicians who came to America and changed everything.

Besides the Fab Four's charming British accents, their iconic style, and legendary number one hits like "Can't Buy Me Love" and "Hey Jude," another infamous contribution by the pop rock band to the British Invasion was their 1964 musical comedy A Hard Day's Night. Officially premiering on July 6, the film took the viewer inside a few days with The Beatles and provided a soundtrack featuring some of their most popular songs, including the title track (which was originally released only as part of the film's album).

Now, 50 years later, the feature has been re-mastered by the Criteron Collection and will be re-released in the United States on July 4--and just in case you're as pumped as we are, you can find out where to see a screening in your city below!

Until then? Celebrate the film's restoration by browsing through The Beatles' section of our January 2012 special issue, where we named 237 reasons why we loved the '60s (238 if you count Neil Armstrong).

Austin: Alamo Drafthouse

Boston: Coolidge Corner Theatre

Chicago: Music Box Theatre

Los Angeles: Cinefamily

Miami: Coral Gables Art Cinema

Orange County: Art Theatre Long Beach

Nashville: Belcourt Theatre

New York City: Film Forum

San Francisco: Castro Theatre

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