a perfect mess.

by ray siegel

If you were looking for a celebrity endorsement for pink hair still being cool, look no further than Alison Mosshart and her pink ends in the front row at Saint Laurent in Paris. Between Jessica Chastain's sleek red and Sky Ferreira's bleached blonde there was no shortage of good hair color in that seating section, but Mosshart's delightfully offbeat mix of dark, light, and pink highlights won the crown. Go from boring to pink in a matter of minutes using our pro tips: WASH IT:Davines Red Shampoo, $24.50

Davines' red shampoo gets the job done quick, but be warned: if you're blonde, the color will not only show up darker, but it'll last longer. For Mosshart's look, apply the shampoo to the ends of your hair only. CONDITION IT:Davines Red Shampoo, $25.99

Before you condition, evaluate whether or not you need more color because it'll make the pink darker. If you're brunette, you'll probably need it--blondes will be good to go with just one shampoo. STYLE IT:Redken Styling Paste, $18.90

When your hair is nearly dry, rub this pliable paste on your finger tips and work through the hair--it grips locks together in all of the right places.