what to wear with oceanic hair.

by ray siegel

There was no shortage of models at last night's Made x Impulse collection launch party, but there was also no question as to which one deserved today's crown. The rainbow-haired Chloe Norgaard did a little post-Paris Fashion Week dye job and it's amazing: ombre mint green fading into ocean blue. What color makeup should one wear with such statement hair? Here are the best aquatic-inspired options:

SHADOW IT:Nars Eyeshadow duo in 'Spring Color', $34

Even Chloe would be hard pressed to find a shadow duo that matches her hair as well as this one! To get the full effect, color half of your lid blue and the other half green. For a darker pigment, wet your shadow brush before you apply it!

LINE IT:Nars Eyeliner Stylo, $27

A not so subtle blue liner is almost as fun as blue hair.

LASH IT:Sephora Pantone Color Watt Highlighting Mascara in Emerald, $18

Emerald is the Pantone color of the year and for us that means St. Paddy's day-appropriate lashes all-year round. As for the lips, Norgaard has the right idea with leaving them bare. For more technicolor beauty tips, click here!