perfectly subdued makeup to pair with wildly awesome hair.

by ali hoffman

Let's face it, when it comes to our cover girl Hayley Williams' look, it's almost impossible to not talk about that hair. But since we've thuroughly discussed everything from her micro bangs to her Raibow Brite color, today we're focusing on that flawless dewy complexion and subtle orange eyeshadow.

Here's our recipe for getting the look:

MOISTURIZE IT: Arcona Magic White Ice ($40) After cleansing, prep your skin for makeup with a light hydrating moisturizer. We love this one from Arcona because it feels like more of a gel than a cream, which makes it a lot easier to evenly distribute.

PRIME IT : Victoria's Secret Pro Lasting FX Eye Shadow Primer ($12) Smooth a small amount of eye primer over your entire lid, to create a creaseless base prior to applying eyeshadow.

SHADOW IT : NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Mediteranee ($34) First, apply the lighter gold color all over your eyelid, working upward towards the brow. Next, using as skinny of an eyeshadow brush as you can find, create a thin line with the orange color from the inside of the eye outward.

Okay, fine, now you can check out that awesome hair.