our fave model changes it up.

by ray siegel

We know that we don't need to convince you that Kate Moss is one of the best looking models of all-time, but there's one special trait worth pointing out: her chameleon-like quality let's her seamlessly go from Pete Doherty's rocker girlfriend by day to old-Hollywood actress by night. For Amfar's Inspiration Gala in Sao Paulo, Moss tamed her inner rocker girl for the evening and opted for glam, sculpted waves and makeup to match.

Here's how to get the hair and the eyes:

CURL IT: Conair Compact Hairsetter, $32.99 Sculpted waves requires some throwback hair tools and techniques: set your whole head in curlers for at least two hours. To speed up the process, use heat rollers.

BEND IT: Smart Heat by Mega Hot, $24.99 After you've taken out each curler--use your iron to go back over each curl. Instead of wrapping the hair around the iron, you're going to hold the iron on directly top of each curl to add more bend to each wave.

LASH IT: Illamasqua False Eye Lashes 013, $12 A $12 set of false lashes goes a really long way. Take the adhesive--it comes with the set--and apply it directly to the false lashes. Wait for only a few seconds to apply before the glue dries. Make sure you've set them as close to your lash line as possible.