‘Belle & Boujee’ Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day

Migos should make a Disney musical

Say what you want about Storm Stella, but she's been nothing but a godsend to us in terms of bringing good news our way. By chance, we came across Nerdist's highly entertaining "Belle & Boujee" parody. At this point, the live-action Beauty and the Beast remake is inescapable, with its premiere date approaching at the end of this week, but this version stopped us in our tracks.

We always knew that Belle had swag (because all bookworms do), but we've never seen it channeled this way before. Obviously, the parody is a play on Migos' chart-topping hit "Bad and Boujee." Nerdist describes the reimagining as a "bold and brash hip hop anthem." Belle may not be a trap queen, but this princess can drop bars.

Natasha Ward stars as our leading lady, who rocks a "young, rich, and pretty" gold chain and brags about how her crew consists of "silverware actin’ like groupies" all up in her "library heaven." Though she repeatedly describes the beast as "savage" and "ruthless," Belle ultimately "fell in love with a furry guy," so safe to say that he's gentle at heart. When Lil Uzi Chip comes through to deliver his verse, you're going to lose your chill.

Without a doubt, the best line is "Baguettes! Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo!" Furthermore, this skit has us convinced that Migos needs to team up with Disney for a musical movie of sorts immediately. (Remember when they flexed their nursery rhyme skills?) This also makes us want to revisit Yung Mavu's iconic “Black Magic (Black Harry Potter)" video.

Watch the epic performance in the video, below.