Wonder Woman Scared The Crap Out Of Ben Affleck On ‘Ellen’

Holy Scaredy Cat Batman!

by daniel barna

Ben Affleck is in the midst of what has to be a very difficult press tour for the upcoming superhero juggernaut Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only is the film under intense scrutiny from fanboys and industry insiders alike, but Affleck himself is under the microscope after his controversial split from Jennifer Garner. Most journalists will be informed not to ask the actor about his divorce, but Ellen DeGeneres isn't most journalists. 

While appearing on her show Wednesday, Affleck addressed the current status of his relationship with his ex-wife, and how it has affected their children. "We're good friends, and we're doing our best," Affleck told DeGeneres. "And, our kids are fabulous. And, we're working our best for them."

To help lighten the mood, DeGeneres did what she does best. Just as Affleck was describing his take on the caped crusader, a faux Wonder Woman emerged out of nowhere and scared the bejesus out of Affleck. "I was genuinely scared by that,” the startled actor told the host. She then showed him an instant replay, sending Affleck into a near-tears fit of laughter. Once again, DeGeneres proves that no one is immune to her antics. Not even the Dark Knight.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25. Watch Affleck lose it, above.