editor’s pick: smell me

    the best fragrance ads and the perfumes that go with them.

    by · January 17, 2014

    photo by inez and vinoodh

    The walls of every bedroom I’ve ever had have been plastered top-to-bottom with images from magazines. Everything from NYLON covers to Tom Ford for Gucci ads to Juergen Teller photos have acted as de facto wallpaper, though I’d say the most popular thread among the photos I’ve decorated my life with would be perfume ads. Because the product all perfume ads are shilling is a cool bottle and a scent that (usually) can’t be smelled on the page, the campaign images have to sell a mood. That leaves room for creative directors, photographers, and models to go wild and create photographs that are way crazier, cooler, and extreme than normal advertisements or editorials. And honestly, an amazing photo really does make me want to buy the scent. Maybe I’m just the ideal viewer for ads (that would really explain why I like Mad Men so much, come to think of it....), but I do actually own about a third of the perfumes on my list of the best perfume ads of all time--a list you can peep in the slideshow! After you try to pick out a favorite photo, you can join me in my obsession and try out this T-shirt covered in illustrations of perfume bottles from Wacky Wacko. I’m should be upfront about my fragrance craze addiction....
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