Best Coast I Don’t Know How

bethany cosentino’s baaaaack!

by rebecca willa davis

It's not like Best Coast went anywhere, but in the year that's passed since the band's second album, The Only Place, came out, we've been waiting--no, dying--for some new tunes.

So good news: Not only is the LA-based duo releasing Fade Away, a mini-album of sorts, in November, but we've also got a first listen with the release of "I Don't Know How." The track is a little bit country, a little bit rock'n'roll--and in typical Bethany Cosentino form, instantly catchy. As the song's intro goes, I don't know how...but somehow she and Bobb Bruno do.

Best Coast's in the midst of a mini-tour, so if you want to hear "I Don't Know How" or the other new tracks live, that's your chance. You can also pre-order Fade Away right now. Buuut if you just want to bop around to it at your desk, listen to "I Don't Know How" right here!