best dress: denim issue party

olivia wilde and volcom bring their jean-ius looks to the Mondrian in LA!

by faran krentcil

What do you wear to a party for blue jeans? Apparently, anything and anything. That was the dress code at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles last night, where Olivia Wilde hosted our denim issue party. There were skinnies (on Amanda Luttrell Garrigus), bell bottoms (on Gillian Zinser), and a few very short cocktail dresses (hello, Paris and Nicky). Click through to see some of our favorite outfits, and - yes - a NYLON Cereal Box. (More on that later...)

Check out the entire gallery here!

Olivia Wilde in a sequin tank top.

Close-up on Olivia's black eyeliner!

Gillian Zinser in polka dot bell bottoms.

Nicky Hilton.

Amanda Luttrell Garrigus

Tyler Blackburn in suspenders!

The pool at the Mondrian LA was also very well dressed.

And the NYLON cereal box - a sneak peek!