best dressed: mtv movie awards

two emmas, a kristen, and a kat!

by faran krentcil

As usual, the MTV Movie Awards had their fair share of "Seriously?!" moments, but giving Jennifer Aniston a "Best Dirt Bag" award means they're kind of asking for it. So instead of focusing on the night's on-camera antics, we'll hone in on the red carpet instead. (Although we will give a major standing ovation to Johnny Depp and the Black Keys, in an act we truly hope we'll get to see in concert.)

You can usually count on an MTV style roundup to be a bit bonkers, but thanks to now-ubiquitous celebrity stylists, just about everyone looked passably pretty this year. A few stood out as amazing, however, and we'd like to honor them... and dress like them... and be like them... and kill vampires while wearing Balenciaga like them... yeah.

Per NYLON tradition, this Best Dressed List contains our Top Eight looks of the night - but you can vote a new entry on the list, or bump someone off it, by leaving your comments in the section below. (May the frocks be ever in your favor.)