We Tried Every Health Food Delivery Service, Here Are Our Favorites

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    by · August 02, 2016

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    We all know that weeknight hunger struggle. After a long day of work, the last thing we want to do is spend an hour washing and cutting produce and then using our imagination to complete a recipe once we realize we only have a quarter of the ingredients. But with a long week ahead, the second to last thing we want to do is order mediocre delivery or spend a lot of money going out to eat. Because of this dilemma, many nights end with us eating crap from our freezers or cereal for dinner. Or worse, we cave in and use Seamless, tacking on orders of honey cakes and seasoned fries to meet the delivery requirement. Then we’re stuffed, bloated, and destined to have bizarre sodium dreams and wake up feeling lethargic and off-balance.

    Clearly, these options weren’t working for me, and I needed something new. I ruled out trying out Blue Apron because, while my cohabiting friends love it, as a single woman, I have no desire to cook meals designed for couples, leaving me with my imaginary partner’s half for lunch the next day. But I did like the idea of coming home to some measured ingredients that can readily come together to create a well-balanced and simple dinner. So I did a little bit of digging—and by digging I mean I ordered a ton of meals from delivery services across the country—and found more single lady delicious ingredients than I could even handle. Here are my favorites:

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