do national hot chocolate day right

we taste tested the most delicious hot cocoas

by nylon

This Friday we were not only blessed with an onslaught of musical magic from Beyonce, but also with National Hot Chocolate Day, the distant cousin of our favorite holiday, National Chocolate Day.

How'd we celebrate? Oh just by OD-ing on the most delicious hot chocolate brands in America, from Godiva to Theo to Brooklyn-based The Chocolate Room. So if you're a spicy chocolate mood, or totally down for some mellow dark chocolate, we've got you covered. See all the best ones in our gallery and enjoy!

THE BRAND: Godiva Hot Chocolate Mix

THE REVIEW: It tastes like a melted Godiva chocolate: super rich and really good. -- Liza Darwin, Senior Web Editor

THE BRAND: Cherry's Hot Chocolate with Marshmellows

THE REVIEW: It's like your basic hot chocolate, but with fancy marshmallows. -- Rebecca Willa Davis, Executive Web Editor

THE BRAND: Cacao Premium Drinking Chocolate

THE REVIEW: It tastes like super-thick, melted dark chocolate. I'm really in to bitter chocolates, and this one is de-lish! -- Steff Yotka, Associate Web Editor

THE BRAND: Theo Chiptole Spice Hot Chocolate

THE REVIEW: It wasn't super spicy, but it's good if you're not a huge fan of spices, but don't want something too sweet. -- LD

THE BRAND: The Chocolate Room Dark Hot Chocolate

THE REVIEW: If you're not a sweet tooth, you would like this one. It's really rich and not too sugary. -- RWD

THE BRAND: Chuao Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate

THE REVIEW: It tastes like molé sauce. -- Jackie

THE BRAND: Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate

THE REVIEW: It's the best one. -- Josh Madden, Men's