free music: independent almanac

the best indie songs of 2013, all in one playlist!

by rebecca willa davis

There has been a lot of good music in 2013 (and yes, we've got favorites--stay tuned for our official Best of list), and nothing proves it more than a playlist featuring some of the standouts.

So big ups to the Alternative Distribution Allaince for releasing Independent Almanac 2013 Digital Sampler, a mixtape of 34 tracks from artists they've distributed this year. It's filled with a lot of our faves--think Blood Orange, Washed Out, Speedy Ortiz, the Dodos, and Boy--and, best of all, it's totally free.

But like all good things, this one doesn't last forever--so download it now before it disappears come 2014 (of course, by then there will be loads of new releases to fill your earwaves).