Best Mascara Lorac Cobra

the secret to chasing away those monday blues.

by rebecca willa davis

The Checklist Curator:

Rebecca Willa Davis

, Executive Web Editor

The Look: Ann-Margret circa 1960

It's hard to get out from under the covers on a Monday morning mid-winter--unless, that is, there's something to celebrate. And when I have nothing to actually celebrate, that's when I dig through my drawers and find an outfit that at least convinces me that there is. Because let's say you were to pull on a lilac top and pastel pants with just enough metallic threading on them, you'd totally end up dancing as you brushed your teeth and made your morning smoothie. Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack optional, of course.

The Face: Lorac Cobra Mascara

This was hands-down one of my favorite beauty launches of 2013--the flared end of the want makes your lashes swoop out like whoa--but now I've got another reason to stock up on it: It's now onsale at Sephora! Pick yours up now.

The News: What To Expect From the State Of The Union

Time to mark those calendars: The State of the Union is tomorrow, and it's kinda a big deal since it's where the President lays out his big goals for the next year. If you want to get a sneak peek of it, here's what the New York Times is hinting at: Expect Obama to emphasize the fact that he will bypass congressional gridlock if need be.

The Inspiration: National Geographic's Instagram

There are so many reasons to follow National Geographic's Instagram feed (@natgeo)--in this past weekend alone there were incredible snaps of sharks, Nepalese mountains, and coffee time in the West Bank--but my favorite might be getting to see a side of the world you never knew existed. Including a livestock show in Texas, as a recent photo did; how awesome is Halee Johnson stepping into the ring?!

The Song


The Apples In Stereo - "Same Old Drag"

Still grumpy about Monday? Turn your speakers


and blast this tune from The Apples In Stereo's 2007 album New Magnetic Wonder. It's the same old drag? Oh you know you don't need none of that!

The Inspiration: National Geographic's Instagram

The Song: The Apples In Stereo - "Same Old Drag"

photo by getty images

The Look: Ann-Margret circa 1960

The Face: Lorac Cobra Mascara