8 Playlists That Will Get You Pumped To Work Out

From our favorite fitness pros

As it gets warmer and days start getting longer, our motivation to work out drops faster than our winter coats. It's hard enough to make it across the street to walk to the gym or hit a class—let alone spend the next hour inside there panting and grunting—when outdoor happy hours and rooftop season await. And even those who enjoy running outside quickly tire of their go-to routes.

All to say, we could all could use adrenaline-boosting tunes to get our workout routines back on track ahead of summer when motivating oneself really becomes a struggle. With that in mind, we tapped eight of our favorite fitness pros, whose workouts span from HIIT to yoga and everything in between, to get their works-every-time playlists. Bump their picks, ahead.

Amanda Kloots, The Rope, The Body, and The Dance founder"This playlist is a mix of fast high-energy songs to keep your heart rate up for cardio intervals and then slower songs that are perfect for toning. I use this playlist in The Body, my new interval-based class that challenges your mind-to-body connection. Starting off my workout with 'Titanium' always puts a smile on my face and gets me in a power mood to work out. The first song in a playlist is so important!"

Sarah Levey, Y7 Studio co-founder "I constantly change up my playlists, here is my latest on rotation right now. I love a good beat."

Tyler Scott, Hit House co-founder “I like to work out emotionally. My adrenaline kicks in from a wide range of influences. Hard-hitting beats, jaunty tunes, or raw passion and anger in the artist’s voice, it’s fun to ride different waves.” 

Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class by Taryn Toomey “I love to create a variety of feelings through my music combinations—this is a mix of igniting energy, peeking inside the heart, and smoothing it all out.” 

Karyn Nesbit, SoulCycle instructor"When creating a workout playlist, I like to hit several genres of music, different tempos, and hear different sounds. These 10 songs pump me up for any workout, whether it be SoulCycle, running, or circuit weight training. 'Bad' Karma is an all-time favorite to start with, as it has a cool vibe and builds energy. 'Circles' is the type of song I like to end with because it has the energy to push you to finish strong, but with a heroic quality to it."

Sadie Kurzban, 305 Fitness founder"I work with our DJs to find the hottest tracks, calibrated to a high-paced BPM to keep us moving quickly! I love this playlist for getting energized in the morning, and especially when I'm running to catch the train in the morning. The fast pace puts a little extra pep in my step, gets me to the gym or to my desk five minutes early."

Alberto Ortiz, Work Train Fight founder“I like to workout to music with attitude that's also motivational when I'm boxing. I like to blend old-school upbeat songs and new age songs that speak about never giving up.” 

Bec Donlan, Sweat With Bec founder "I really think music should help fuel your workout, take your mind off things being super-tough, and help you get through that last 10 seconds of a killer exercise when you think you can’t do anymore. I love mixing dance-y electro tracks with hip-hop and then, of course, the occasional killer throwback."