It’s Lit: Bright Young Authors To Add To Your Reading List

    From Emma Cline to Yaa Gyasi

    by · June 18, 2016

    Photo via Penguin Random House

    If we could, we would spend the majority of our time here on earth skimming through our favorite bookshops and running through libraries. But even if we could, there sadly wouldn’t be enough time to read every book in existence—that’s why we rely on recommendations from friends, family, and our favorite authors. Every week, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite reads because literature is, well, lit.

    At this point, we all have our go-to authors—ones who have affected us deeply with their writing styles, topics of choice, and storytelling aptitude. In a pinch, we can run into any bookshop we want, find their section, close our eyes, and point to any one of their novels and know that we’re in good hands. But in the spirit of summer, when the living’s already easy and we go through an average of one book a beach trip, it’s nice to branch out and discover some new talents. Ahead, we round up nine amazing novels by the brightest young authors of the moment.

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