Premiering BETS’ New Music Video, “Daydream”

Tune in and space out

As if we even needed a reason to ignore the harsh realities of 2016, BETS has graced us with an excuse to sit back and pretend, for four minutes at least, that things are better than they are. Fronted by singer-songwriter Betsy Hershey, the bicoastal dream pop band is premiering their whimsical music video for "Daydream" right here. 

The stop-motion, Valerie Suter-illustrated video, complete with watercolor clouds and lovebirds, is an all too real interpretation of what it feels like to zone out and occupy your own little world. "I hope that the video inspires viewers to bask in the song's sonic and poetic sensitivities while rendering a wistful tale of love, heartbreak, and hope," says Suter.

With its soothing movements and nostalgic narrative, it will bring you back to freshman year of high school, sitting in geometry, eyes fixed on your crush, daydreaming about what could be. 

"For me, daydreaming is the secret to staying young forever, it keeps you creative and keeps your mind open and expansive," says Hershey. 

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