Better Than Ezra Gonna Get Better

your teenage dream returns!

by liza darwin

Get ready for your Tuesday morning to improve considerably, because Better Than Ezra is back! The band's 1995 hit single "Good" might be the ultimate throwback jam, but when we heard that the New Orleans pop-rock trio had returned with their eighth studio album, it's hard not to have those feel-good vibes all over again. Out in September, All Together Now comes packed with 11 tracks catchy enough to warrant sing-alongs, dance parties, and yes, even future Taylor Swift shout outs (these guys have still got it!).

According to frontman and songwriter Kevin Griffin, "We wanted to give our old fans something familiar, but we wanted to attract new fans. There’s going to be a nostalgic element to our band now, but how can we transcend that?”If you ask us, the secret comes from mixing familiar elements--like that strummy pop-rock backbone-- with fresh updates like electronic influences and folksy melodies.

Case in point: the group's second single off the album, the high-flying "Gonna Get Better," a guitar-driven mashup of signature BTE and fresh touches. It's concise, it's quick, and you'll find yourself singing along by the chorus. 

Get an exclusive first listen of "Gonna Get Better" below, and pre-order All Together Now on iTunes here.