Beverly All The Things

take a dip into your new music obsession.

by liza darwin

Summer might be winding down, but we've found the secret to making the last days of the season even sweeter: Brooklyn trio Beverly.

Originally formed in 2013 as a collaboration between musicians Drew Citron and Frankie Rose, the project (which was born spending long days on the road on tour together) fuses lo-fi pop melodies and hum-along vocals for a result that's impossible to resist. Rose is no longer in the band, but you can still hear her influence on the dreamy tracks off Beverly's debut LP Careers (out now).

Case in point: the new single "All The Things," a fuzzy indie pop gem that sounds a little like if Mazzy Star spent their summer Fridays lounging on rooftops in Bushwick. Drenched in sunny harmonies, this is a song that pretty much begs to be blasted from your car windows immediately. And luckily for us, the video captures the jam's freespirited summer feeling perfectly, too.

Featuring a couple of our favorite things--that would be cool girls, weekends, and a water park--this clip is summery enough to last us all fall long. Watch the exclusive premiere below, then go see Beverly live on tour with the Drums!