Beyoncė Channels ‘Risky Business’ In The “7/11” Music Video

smack your hands up in the air.

You know when you're hanging around your apartment or chillin' in an empty hotel room and you just feel the need to have a dance party à la Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Well, Beyoncė feels you...she just does so in multi-million dollar mansions and penthouse suites. Stars: They're just like us?

For her latest music video, Bey used a GoPro and a selfie stick to shoot herself dancing around to her newly leaked song "7/11." Although the video's pretty lo-fi compared to her previous releases—here's looking at you, visual album—it has an unbelievably infectious energy to it all. (And if the dance moves aren't quite doing it for you, maybe the Blue Ivy sighting at the 57-second mark will.)

So get your red Solo cups, Kale sweatshirt, and Hanes undies out because you're going to end up dancing along whether you want to or not.