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This Sexy Beyoncé Remix Will Make You Bop Through The Rest Of The Week

all the bleeps and bloops

Arguably, Queen Bey’s song “Blow” off of 2013’s Beyoncé is already fun, retro, and poppy enough to propel you through your day. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also hot a blowtorch.

But what if you turned up the clicks, extended that long, 70s-style break, and added a bit more of Bey’s heavy breathing? Wouldn’t that be just the thing? Well, that’s what you’re getting with this new remix by David Harrington.

Part of his 12 Days Of Remixes project, the DJ’s spin on the tune is both a throwback and forward-thinking, featuring a little less Beyoncé and a few more beats. It’s just unexpected and odd enough to make you crack a smile while keeping the mellow, sexy groove of the original. Stream and enjoy, friends.

(Via Stereogum)