See Beyoncé’s Just-Dropped Video, “Formation (Dirty)” With Blue Ivy!

new bey alert! new bey alert!

That’s right: While you were out running errands and drinking hot chocolate, Beyoncé was dropping a brand-new song and video, “Formation (Dirty).” Leave it to Queen Bey—who seems to have fallen in love with the super-secret surprise release—to redefine the weekend.

And, yes, “Formation (Dirty)” is instantly legendary. As you can immediately see in the embed above, this is her most political video, taking on the great tragedy that was Katrina and the great cultural Mecca that is New Orleans. As grimy and dirty as advertised, the Mike WiLL Made-It-produced track is a tribute to all things NOLA—from marching bands (hence “Formation,” which is also the name of one of Beyoncé's clothing lines) to the sweaty, nasty dance music that flows out of the city.

With some of the roughest lyrics Bey has ever spit, we get pretty much everything we could ask for out of this. Not only do we get tight dance numbers but, wait, is that Blue Ivy making a guest appearance? Oh, damn, it is Blue Ivy making a guest appearance. Wait, and is a sample of NOLA legend Big Freedia at the interlude? Oh, damn, it is a Big Freedia sample. Even though we’re coughing up a post on this, honestly, there are no words for how incredible this whole thing is. Please, stop reading and just watch.

Done now? Good.

By the by, we figure the chances of hearing at least a verse or two of “Formation (Dirty)” at tomorrow’s Super Bowl Halftime show are about 80%. Did we forget to mention that “Formation (Dirty)” is available for free on Tidal? No? Well, it is. Life just keeps getting better and better. Bless Bey, for Saturday belongs to her.