Beyoncé Is Playing a Free Concert in Central Park

along with coldplay, ed sheeran, and pearl jam

Earlier this year, the annual Global Citizen Festival—which takes place in Central Park and works to eradicate extreme poverty—named Chris Martin as its curator, which meant he'd be responsible for booking acts for a show that last year included headliners like No Doubt and Jay Z. Well, Chris Martin is good at his job, because the Coldplay frontman has recruited Ed Sheeran, Pearl Jam, and none other than Beyoncé for the September 26th show on Central Park's Great Lawn. And just for good measure, Coldplay will perform too. 

“I did feel like a 12-year-old boy asking her: ‘I know you’re really busy…,’" Martin said in an interview. “She is this powerful presence and person. She can make any bill look good. “I had to give her a six-hour foot rub, and I had to wash Ed Sheeran’s car five times.” 

TIckets for the Global Citizen Festival are free, but in order to snag them, you need to take an "action," which could include signing petitions, writing letters to politicians, or volunteering—all with the intent of pursuading those in power to join the fight against poverty and hunger. The concert will stream pn MSNBC, YouTube, NBC, iHeartRadio, BBC Worldwide, and of course, TIDAL. Martin, ever the quipster, added: "We love the Global Citizen movement and we love opening for Beyoncé so this ticks both boxes."