Beyonce and Jay Z Are Working On A Secret Album

hold the phone.

Think back to when Beyonce bestowed her visual album to the unprepared, dumbfounded public. There was shock! Amazement! Absolute pandemonium!!! And each media outlet promised the public—promised themselves—they'd never let Beyonce catch them off guard again. We'll be ready next time.

Well, it seems like they're keeping their promise because according to Page Six, Beyonce is working on another album...with her hubby, Jay Z. Collective gasp. Allegedly, the power couple of the century have been ducking in and out of studios since their "On The Run" tour finished in Paris last month, working on a surprise album. Sorry B and Z, secret's out...we think.

We'll just have to sit here and wait to see if the rumors are true. In the meantime, we'll be revisiting our favorite parts of the couple's "On The Run" tour.