Here’s How You Can Watch Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ For Free

When live gives you lemons…

T-minus two days and counting until Bey Day hits with the world premiere of Lemonade. The whole universe is excited about the film, but there's one teeny problem—not all of us are subscribed to HBO. (Cabel bills are expensive... Being an adult is hard.) We're sure that some of you have been scheming about how to rip the footage once it is released, but scheme no more! HBO and Cinemax announced that they will be offering a free preview weekend to viewers from Friday to Monday.

This just so happens to align with Lemonade's big debut this weekend. Coincidence? Highly doubtful. The power of Beyoncé is too real. As Billboard suggests, the length of this program could mean that viewers will be given the opportunity to listen to Beyoncé's highly anticipated sixth solo studio album through the visual. Either way, sign us up.

Lemonade airs on HBO from 9 to 10pm EST on Saturday, April 23. While we wait for the release day, we'll be rewatching the extended trailer for the millionth time.