Beyoncé Finally Shares A Photo Of Her Twins

And it’s stunning

by Sarah Beauchamp

We've patiently waited for one whole month, and now finally, Beyoncé has shared a photo of her newborn twins. "Sir Carter and Rumi, 1 month today," she captioned the pic.

Because it's Beyoncé, this isn't an ordinary birth announcement. Bey is wearing a seafoam blue veil, a flowing purple-and-teal robe-dress (by menswear designer Alejandro Gomez Palomo of Palomo Spain), and matching lace underwear. She poses like a mythical creature with the tiny, adorable babies sleeping in her arms. In the background is an elaborate flower arch and blue water. Her makeup is, of course, flawless. The image is reminiscent of her pregnancy announcement, which was also over-the-top, but we expect nothing less from the queen. 

Swoon over Bey and her babies below.