Bieber’s Got A New Song, And A Fan Caught It On Video

fix all of your insecurities?

Justin Bieber is currently on a massive tour for his 2015 album Purpose, traveling across the globe wearing only the chicest in manson shirts and plaid skirts. Now, any normal pop star would say, "you know what, I think a globetrotting tour and new album is plenty on my plate, thank you," but not Bieber. Nope, it looks like there's been some time between the casual things like selling out arenas and jetting to different cities every night to create new music. I mean, why wouldn't he?

Last night, in Portland, Oregon, he debuted an acoustic version of a new song we'll call "Insecurities." While we always welcome new music from Bieber, we can't help but think the message is a little troubling. The hook, "Oh, oh...oh, oh...fix all of your insecurities" leaves us feeling a little... put out. Look, we'd probably feel on top of the world if Bieber's attention was turned toward us, but end of the day, men don't need to solve women's insecurities. The message deels a little dated and knight-on-white-horse-like, but you can take a listen below and judge for yourself in this fan-filmed video.