bike lights by monkey lectric

light up the night…

by Christian Lavery

Anything we can add to a bicycle to make us a little more noticeable while weaving in and out of city traffic is something we fully support. But with the monkey light from monkeylectric, it’s safe to say you’ll probably stand out on the streets, to say the very least. That’s a good thing though, right? The easy to mount, battery powered M232 fits bicycle wheels of 20 inches or larger and there are 42 different customizable themes to choose from. Each pattern is visible when you hit the 10 mph mark, so as long as you keep pedaling, all you’ll have to worry about is distracting too many other passerbys. Check out all the monkeylectric lights HERE and you’ll be sure to stand out whether you’re among all the other bright city lights or just taking a journey down a dark country road.