Billie Marten Ribbon

meet the folk singer and burberry’s new teenage dream.

by liza darwin

Burberry's Christopher Bailey isn't only a pro at crafting the perfect biker jacket or plaid trench coat--the London brand's chief creative officer is also a major music buff. And even cooler, he's got a serious knack for pinpointing the industry's Next Big Thing. Don't believe us? Just look at Tom Odell, Misty Miller, or Life In Film...three former up-and-comers who earned Burberry's coveted stamp of approval. They've since moved on to big things, and Bailey's latest discovery is likely to be no different. 

Introducing Billie Marten, the 15-year-old singer and songwriter who caught Bailey's eye earlier this year and since recorded a special acoustic session of her debut single "Ribbon." With echos of fellow talented teenagers like Birdy and Misty Miller, it's a stripped-down take on her gorgeous folk sound--and there's plenty more where that came from when Marten's debut EP (recorded in just one day!) drops this week. You can see the highschooler in action in our exclusive video premiere of "Ribbon" below...and memorize her name, so you can tell everyone else you knew about her before she blew up.