Bipolar Sunshine Is Under “Pressure” In New Music Video

Dance it out

Two videos in one week? Adio Marchant is really out here doing the most, huh? Marchant, better known as Bipolar Sunshine, dropped his "Easy To Do" video at the top of the week and is wrapping it up with "Pressure."

Where "Easy To Do" played up a sinister seduction, "Pressure" feeds off the need to get out. Clarity, it seems, is of the essence. Marchant brings that to life, dancing and dizzying himself up around an empty gas station in the desert. It's a hard thing to do, but Marchant's managed to make the tropical pop-vibe feel more pressing than buoyant. It still bangs, though. "Pressure" never felt so... good.

Watch it unfold, below. "Pressure," along with "Easy To Do," will be included on Bipolar Sunshine's forthcoming Imaginarium EP, dropping later this year.