Bird Call Will We Get To Mars

the artsier version of gravity, basically.

by rebecca willa davis


, the Alfonso Cuaron film following two astronauts trying to survive in space, comes out today, and we'd be lying if we said that it didn't make us extra fascinated by all the other planets out there.

Who knows if that's the case for

Bird Call,

aka the project between singer-musician Chiara Angelicola and musician-composer Bryan Senti, but the new music video for their song "Will We Get to Mars?" sure pairs well with the new movie. The New York-based band, whose singer's Victoria Legrand-esque voice guides us through an experimental-without-being-overwhelming aural landscape, teamed up with photographer Jessica Yatrofsky to create visuals that fall somewhere between late-night National Geographic viewing and an intimate performance setting.

"Chiara's sound is soulful and meditative, and I wanted the visuals to reflect that meditative space that she creates with her music," notes Yatrofsky. As it turns out, intrigue with outer space did play a role in shaping the pair's music video for the lead single off of their debut album; as she adds, "I'm really inspired by the solar system and the idea of space travel, an interest that Chiara and I have in common...an obsession, really! I thought it would be interesting to have Chiara's presence existing within Mars and also in communication with an unknown third party."

See for yourself below, since we've got the exclusive premiere of the "Will We Get to Mars?" music video. Yes, it's time to prepare for take-off.