Birdy Interview

“i get inspired in my chicken onesie.”

by liza darwin

There are overachievers, and then there is Birdy. At just 17 years old the English singer and songwriter is truly next level. Back in 2011, she won us over with her tear-inducing cover of "Skinny Love" (yes, it's that good!). Since then she's nabbed a spot on The Hunger Games soundtrack, learned to play guitar, and released a new album of really awesome original material. But underneath her age-defying resume, as we learn in our interview, this musician is still just a onesie-wearing, movie-loving high schooler at heart.

Hey Birdy! What are you up to right now?

I'm at home right now in the south of England, but I'm leaving soon. I've been on tour in Europe, and now I'm about to go back on tour in a bit.

You've done a couple of tour cycles so far now, with your debut album back in 2011 and now again. Where was your favorite place you've been?

I love everywhere, but I think Australia was my favorite. It was so beautiful! I would love to spend much more time there; the beaches were great, and I loved Brisbane. 

Tell us a little bit the process of recording your new album Fire Within. 

Well, after touring Australia, from there I went to LA and was recording the album there for a few weeks. I recorded a bit of it at home in London, too, which was really fun. I worked with the same producers and stuff, so you feel like family--it's been a really cool experience. 

I remember last time we talked, you were just learning to play guitar. How's that going? 

It's going well! I've been practicing a lot, mostly because I'm not used to playing it. Writing songs on the guitar is just so different. The song "All About You" was the first one I've ever written on the guitar, and it took forever to put the song together. I got the order all wrong! [Laughing] 

What are some of your tour dos and don't? 

Sleep as much as possible! It's very hard when you're on a tour bus and it's very bumpy, but it's so essential. Also, bring loads of films--we like to watch movies on the bus all together, my band and I. I love seeing which ones they pick. Oh, and always bring a chicken onesie!

Wait, what? 

[Laughing] Do they have onesies in America? I love them. They're so comfortable.

Oh yeah, they're big with Cara Delevingne and Miley Cyrus...

Yes. I have a chicken one. Sometimes I get inspired in my chicken onesie. 

That's amazing. Do you get nervous before big shows?

I'm always nervous; I think a little bit of nerves is always good before you perform. Before the shows we all sort of just try to forget about it and dance and be happy. 

Finally, who's on your iPod right now? 

I'm listening to a lot of Jake Bugg--he's really good. I also love Haim, and Passenger. 

Watch Birdy's video for "Wings" below and buy her new album Fire Within here