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The Checklist Curator:

Jackie Yaeger, Newsletter Editor

The Look:

Tarte Vintage Holiday Lookbook

While you're getting ready this morning, I emplore you to consider mixing a holographic skirt, with either ponies or a sweater--because you really can't go wrong either way. And although my inspiration for this seriously awesome combo comes from the Tarte Vintage holiday '13 lookbook, we should all take the look waaaaay into 2014 (hello Fourth of July nighttime beach party)!

The Face:

Benefit Cosmetics Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain

If you're not one of those lucky people who have skin that gets naturally flushed in all the right spots (nose, cheekbones) during the cold, there's something that can help you out. While Benefit's Posietint looks like a bottle of nail polish, it's actually a cheek and lip stain bottle filled with the ultimate concoction of color to tint your cheeks just how you want them. I don't use it as a lip stain, but I can definitely vouch for the color in my cheekbones that I only get from Posietint, or by meeting Ryan Gosling IRL, which totally happens all the time (not!).

The News


Coachella 2014 Official Lineup Announcement

Just in case you haven't heard, super awesome bands and artists like Ellie Goulding, MS MR, Kate Nash, ZZ Ward, Waxahatchee, Dum Dum Girls, Haim, Lorde, Sleigh Bells, Chvrches, and Lana Del Rey (just to name a few--hehe) are all playing the three-day festival in Indio, California. So, yes, if you haven't yet made plans for April 2014, you might have to text all your besties right now, book a ticket, and start your day with something major to look forward to.

The Inspiration


Geronimo Balloons

Yes, the "original big balloonier to los angeles + the world", AKA Jihan Zencirli's Instagram is one I can never get enough of. But, when the self-proclaimed "party architect and creative explorer" posted a celebratory half-birthday photo from her travels in Paris this summer, I stopped scrolling and stared. This is partly because a) I am obsessed with my birthday--it's April 24 if you want to send me cupcakes--and therefore also obsessed with my half birthday and b) this photo is completely adorable! And even though my half birthday already passed, I might still buy some candles and confetti on my lunch break.

The Song:

"Imagination Infatuation" by Misterwives

After seeing this dance pop group live a few nights ago, I couldn't resist scooping up their latest EP


on the way out--and there's one song that I've had on repeat ever since. "Imagination Infatuation" is the best track to listen to while getting ready in the morning because it just makes me want to bounce around a stage without a care in the world, flipping my wild hair around, singing at the top of my lungs, and looking cool while doing it (kudos to lead singer Mandy Lee, who does just that). And yes, I'd say bouncing around on an imaginary stage is one way to start the day.

photo via tarte vintage holiday '13 lookbook

Sweaters, ponies, and holographics? Yes, please.

photo via homegirllondon.com

Pretty in pink.

No, you're not dreaming. Haim will be at Coachella 2014.

photo via @nylonmag on instagram

Today's your stage, so you might want to own it like Mandy Lee from Misterwives.

photo via @geronimoballoons on instagram

The perfect day.