bishop nehru in nylon guys

The strictest of flowz…

by Josh Madden

We've been following Markel Scott AKA Bishop Nehru and reporting on his rise to hip-hop success for months now. When it came time to put together our current issue we figured we'd make it official, spend some time with the lyrical progeny and get it down on paper. We kicked it at home with him the day before his 17th birthday and got some insight on his inspirations, favorite movies, opening for Wu-Tang as a teenager and what he's gonna do when he gets that big check (to which he says, "I don't think I'd buy something crazy, maybe just a trampoline.")

Check out his brand new video for "Exhale" HERE, his most recent mixtape Strictly Flowz HERE, and page 105 of this months NYLON Guys. This is your official invitation to jump on the Bishop Nehru bandwagon with us.