bitlock by mesh motion

Throw away your key…

by Christian Lavery

Keys!? Who needs them? But just to be clear, we’re only talking about the one that belongs to your bike lock (you should still probably still hang on to the one that unlocks your front door).

As of October 15th, Mesh Motion’s Kickstarter campaign has been in full swing with hopes of bringing the BitLock to life. Turning your smartphone into a virtual key, the Bluetooth-enabled device senses your proximity and identity to allow you to open or close the lock with the push of a button. If your phone happens to be dead, don’t worry -- the app can generate a 16 digit binary code that works without a functioning cell.

Furthermore, whenever the lock gets used, the app will record its location, map each and every ride, provide you with detailed statistics, and even act as a mini bike sharing system with those to whom you choose to grant access.

The BitLock is crafted out of cut-resistant steel and completely waterproof, so it’s sure to withstand inclement weather while its battery will perform for at least 5 years.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign HERE, and if you so desire, donate a few bucks to make BitLock become a reality…there’s only 14 days left!