black diamond by katin

One surfer can change everything…

by Josh Madden

The year was 1950, Walter and Nancy Katin were in the business of making canvas boat covers, and one young surfer bro who wandered in their Surfside, California shop would change everything. When the young wave rider complained about the lack of durability of the swim trunks, Walter Katin went directly to his sewing machine and made the first pair of "Canvas by Katin" trunks. Surfing was a new sport, spreading like wildfire, and the gym shorts or regular flimsy trunks surfers were wearing just weren't holding up, so when word of the Katin's new creation got out, it was an instant smash. While the popularity of surfing has grown and surf companies have changed the way they do things, Katin has remained a boutique business, based in the same principals those first trunks were made with. The prices of everything in the Katin shop are reasonable and high quality is the standard. The product line has grown to include items like this Black Diamond windbreaker and other beach wear. The design is simple, and the color scheme is based in that classic southern California palette. With two front pockets and a big chest pocket it's perfect to keep keys, a camera, sunglasses, and everything you need for a day at the beach. You can get one HERE in black or maroon along with other new a classic Katin pieces.