Black Honey Make Pulp Pop In “Hello Today” Video

Tarantino would be proud

Leave it to the Brits to do American pulp fiction right. Black Honey's debut video for "Hello Today" is a mini cinematic gem of three-and-a-half minutes.

Directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, "Hello Today" finds Black Honey's frontwoman, Izzy B Phillips, living out her Quentin Tarantino fantasy—all the way down to the neon pastel orange nail polish. An unnerving human heart follows her around like an annoying shadow. Try as she might to get rid of it and set her sights on newer, fresher heights, the heart just won't quit. "'Hello Today' is a Western set in Joshua Tree," Phillips tells us over email. "It's about a girl who is trying to put her demons behind her. She is followed by an omen that is symbolized by an ever-present human heart. The omen drives her to delirium, and in an attempt to escape her past, she drives into the desert to bury the heart before the sun sets." You know, as one does.

As for the song, it's big and the video does its boldness justice. If you're hankering for some costume ideas, look to Phillips. Her Tarantino alter ego is as badass as they come—just like the song itself.