black light dinner party - Sons and Lovers

Album stream and track by track breakdown by the band…

by Josh Madden

New York's own Black Light Dinner Party has been garnering a grip of attention on and off the internet building up to the release of their debut album Sons and Lovers. Well, we have a stream of the album and full day early with a track-by-track breakdown from the band itself. In our opinion, this record is an electronic tour de force that we haven't heard from a debut since the likes of The Killers' Hot Fuss or MGMT's Oracular Spectacular with a well-distributed arrangement of live and electronic instrumentation. Tracks like "We Are Golden" feel akin to the music of Freelance Whales, while "I Was Right" is as pop-friendly as a Neon Trees jam. We've been following the BLDP build closely, so we're truly stoked to bring you this first listen and insight to the origin of these songs. The album is available for pre-order HERE and if you wanna follow the band on Twitter you can do so HERE. Plus check out the video for the album's title track below.

I Was RightThere is something charged about this song. We wrote and produced it in one session. It so happened that we put out the single on the hottest day of the summer in New York, which seemed just right.

Older TogetherThis is the first song we did as a band and it became the foundation for the sound of the record. It's like the mission statement for the rest of the album. The breakdown in the middle is still one of our favorite parts to play live.

Light AroundThis song is so warm. It's like a keepsake of a different time and place. Good on a snowy Sunday.

Leave it AllLeave It All is kind of dark and provocative - it's about the psychology of relationships, and there is a sexiness to it too. We like this one.

Gone PostalThis came out while one of us was going stir crazy in a long distance relationship. It's one of our favorites on the album and it's right in the middle. It's a refreshing breather amidst a lot of dense tracks.

Lift AwayWe went through a lot of different styles with this song. It began as this aggressive, almost punk-rock track. And then we realized the chords are actually really somber and it's more of a melancholy song. It finally came together in the right way when we let go a little.

We Are GoldenWe Are Golden is about the things you do for someone you love. It's an uplifting song that gives contrast to the rest of the album. It's a fun one and a special song to us. We love playing it live at shows.

All Around MeAll Around Me is like a rebellious child. It's got this disco beat and it's a lot faster than the rest of the album, but there is also so much happening instrumentally. The bridge harmonies on this song are one of our favorite parts of the album.

Gold ChainThis reminds us of Boston and the early days of being a band. For the longest time this song was instrumental. It has this retro funk thing that just makes you move.

Small BoxesSmall Boxes was actually based on a poem. The subject matter is sad but it's another one that resonates.

Sons and LoversIf Older Together was the mission statement, Sons and Lovers is the closing argument. It was the last one we wrote and it brings the album full circle.

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