The Full ‘Black Mirror’ Trailer Is Creepy And Wonderful

We also finally get a release date

We’re shivering with anticipation for the new season of Black Mirror. Netflix has whet fans' appetites over the past couple of weeks with trailers from individual episodes, but we haven’t yet seen the full picture of what’s in store. Well, the day has finally come, my friends: The full Season 4 trailer is here.

The breadcrumbs previously laid out for us are all gathered into a two-minute glimpse, soundtracked fittingly by Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.” The six episodes, “Black Museum,” “Arkangel,” ‘Hand the D.J.,” “Crocodile,” “U.S.S. Callister,” and “Metalhead,” will explore everything from a world ruled by dating algorithms to survival in a post-apocalyptic world and a homage to Star Trek. All, of course, will confront technology in some way.

There’s really no point in guessing what’s going to happen in each individual episode because there is no guessing what’s going to happen in Black Mirror episodes… ever. But, the season has already been released to a handful of critics, and Indiewire gives us a succinct and vague idea of what we can expect, writing: “There’s more optimism in season 4 than you might expect,” adding, “never fear, loyal fans—there are some truly twisted moments…the result is a show that encompasses so much emotion, so much fear and hate and sadness and joy.” We’ve never been more ready.

Watch the full trailer, below, and set a reminder on your calendar for December 29 when the season drops on Netflix. Think of it as a little something to hold you over during that awkward (and boring) time between Christmas and New Year's.