Netflix Gives Us Our First Look At Season 4 Of ‘Black Mirror’

Welcome back to ‘The Twilight Zone’

While you were busy having your time monopolized by Taylor Swift, Netflix dropped a teaser for Season 4 of Black Mirror.

It just reveals the titles of the episodes along with a couple of scenes, but every detail is important in this dystopian show. So, let’s see what we have in store. “Crocodile” features women with fear in their eyes. “Arkangel” shows a suspect little girl and is likely one we’ll skip because scary children are what nightmares are made of. “Hang The DJ” will include a romantic plot line of some kind. “USS Callister” looks to pay homage to Star Trek. “Metalhead” involves a robot and a car chase. “Black Museum” will incorporate technology and, probably, its ability to ruin lives. Because Black Mirror is nothing if not a bleak depiction of what is and what can be.

Jodie Foster reportedly directed the first episode, and there will be appearances from Jesse Plemons (Fargo), Rosemarie DeWitt (La La Land), Andrea Riseborough (Birdman), Georgina Campbell (Broadchurch), Maxine Peake (The Theory of Everything), Douglas Hodge (The Night Manager), and Michaela Cole (Chewing Gum, who also appeared on last season’s "Nose Dive” episode). 

More importantly, the teaser notes that the six new stories are “coming soon.”