Bleachers Wants To Provide The Soundtrack To Your Survival

“Everybody Lost Somebody”

We knew that Bleachers were on top of their game when they recruited Alia Shawkat and Lena Dunham for their "Don't Take The Money" music video. (Our cover girls make a good team, don't you think?) Now, the Jack Antonoff-fronted band has basically made a modern-day "Kumbaya, My Lord," in the form of their latest single, "Everybody Lost Somebody." 

Horns blast and 808s vigorously beat in the background as Antonoff shouts about feeling "lost in a world without you" and needing to "give myself a break." It's really an anthem for survival and the burden of carrying around emotional baggage. For Antonoff, this pain stems from the tragic death of his younger sister, Sarah. She passed away from cancer when he was 18 years old. 

Similar to many of the great pop stars of our time, Antonoff explained the backstory for the song in the Notes app. "This song is a massive shift and a statement for what 'Gone Now' is because its the first time I feel conversational about this loss and not just here to document," he stated. "That's something I could have never imagined in the past but is the heart and soul of my new work and why I felt that I had something worth releasing."

On that note, Antonoff is also set to break into the publishing world soon with his Simon & Schuster debut, Record Store. Bleachers' sophomore album, Gone Now, is due June 2 via RCA Records. Listen to their latest bop in the audio video, below.