Blue Hawaii Is Back In Their “No One Like You” Video

Off of their upcoming sophomore release ‘Tenderness’

by Noah Jackson

Four years on from their breakout album, Untogether, Blue Hawaii are back with a video for 2017’s softest floor-filler. The Canadian avant-pop duo, made up of Raphaelle Standell and Alexander Kerby, released “No One Like You,” the first single off of their upcoming record, Tenderness, in July. It’s a gentle body-shaker that reinterprets Kenix’s classic house jam “There’s Never Been (No One Like You),” marrying cosmic grooves with Standell’s plaintive vocals in an utterly winning combination. As a first taste of the record, it’s an intoxicating introduction.

The video, which we're premiering here and was directed by the band members themselves, expands on the track’s soft-focus aesthetic, while focusing on themes of reality and artifice in the digital era. Raphaelle flits through a series of natural and domestic settings, glued to her phone or clutching a robotic dog all the while. Over the course of the clip, she realizes the beauty of the analogue, finally abandoning the phone and robo-pup for flowers and an IRL canine (Bisou, their manager’s loyal hound). “Raph cannot find true happiness from the robot dog or the phone,” the band said in a note accompanying the video. “It is merely an escape, avoiding the discovery of deeper emotions brought on by living objects.”

When encouraging people to privilege the physical over the digital, it’s easy to fall into shrill didacticism. Fortunately for Blue Hawaii, this sweet, beautifully shot video shows that sometimes all you need is a furry friend to make you put down your phone.