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Blue Moon in Aquarius Tonight: Everything You Need to Know

The Age of Aquarius

by christie craft

By now, if you have an Internet connection, you’ve no doubt experienced the hype surrounding tonight’s “Blue Moon.” Blue Moons aren’t really blue at all, but are rare appearances of two full moons in one calendar month. (Of course, if we had adopted a lunar calendar system, Blue Moons wouldn’t be the stuff of myths and legends.) That being said, this bright, beautiful blue moon in Aquarius offers brilliant opportunities for a wealth of unique breakthroughs. Plus, we won’t see another blue moon until 2018!

All 12 astrological signs will feel this lunar phase differently, but with one unifying thread as its theme: growth. Aquarius, possibly the most forward-thinking and futuristic sign of the zodiac, electrifies the moon and showers us with an expansion of consciousness. This awareness is essential for beginning the next phase of life. Many signs—especially Air and Fire signs—will feel a sense of wonderment, while others (particularly the earth signs) may feel like the crushing weight of the universe.

What everyone is actually feeling is growing pains. July—and the whole summer—has been about extreme transitions, and this blue moon will be the crescendo to end this month and begin August fresh. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Any parts of our lives that we’ve been neglecting out of fear (think: Avoiding the dating scene like the plague, diving into a creative endeavor, or changing careers to something more personally fulfilling) will be illuminated by the moon’s spotlight. No stone will be left unturned—even the most unabashed escapists (hello, guilty!) can’t escape this energy. Each of us will be asked to stare these unknowns in the face, which can be both terrifying and exciting, depending on your sense of adventure. Something much greater is teetering on the brink of culmination, and for many of us it may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for self-improvement or making repairs to your quality of life and humanity's overall well-being.

Likewise, Venus, the great goddess of love, sensuality, comfort, pleasure, and wealth will begin her retrograde period on July 31. The Blue Moon will be especially illuminating in matters of the heart, particularly when it comes to revisiting an old situation. Perhaps aspects of a former love or jilted friendship that were previously hidden will be revealed, or maybe someone you didn’t think you were that into will suddenly start checking off all those boxes on your list of life-partner must-haves (…or deal-breakers).

Remain open to whatever shape this lunation takes in your life. Treat yourself kindly and with compassion during this phase—though some may be met with Herculean challenges, an easy, optimistic perspective will rule the day. Aquarians are curious and adventurous—sometimes fatal optimists—which is the perfect attitude to adopt for thriving with this moon’s energy.