blush hour

monochrome can work for makeup, we promise.

by faran krentcil

Ten years ago, Jane magazine described a quick way to get pretty in a bind: Burn a cork and line your upper lids with the ash.  Um.

Besides the fact that it's kind of scary / dirty, what kind of girl can find a cork and a lighter before she can find her eyeliner?!  (Wait, don't answer that).

Instead, NARS is trying a one-two-three seconds to beauty approach, using actual makeup.  Their latest stick is called

The Multiple Tint, and it's designed to create a look for your cheeks, your lips, and your eyes.

The effect creates the "monochrome beauty" trend spotted on runways - where pink eyeshadow, an intense pink lip, and a quick streak of blush were the way to modern style.

The product costs almost $40, which is a bit steep - but NARS is known for their amazing quality, and if you consider that you're getting an eyeliner, an eyeshadow, a lipstick, and / or a blush in one tube, it's not so bad. 

$38 at NARS