For BONES, “Beautiful Is Boring”

A little NSFW action, anyone?

It takes a certain kind of moxie to open your music video with cunnilingus. But that's just what London duo BONES has done. They have real flair, and it pulses with every marching beat "Beautiful Is Boring" has to offer.

For the video, BONES flipped the script on rock audiences. Rather than show the typical scene of girls screaming at boys in bands, they showed that, hey, dudes can be groupies, too.

With both this video and the song, BONES is celebrating individual quirks: "Your imperfections," they tell us, "are way more interesting than flawless faces and bump-free bodies." What else is interesting is how hard BONES rocks. This is Trent Reznor-level cool. BONES is doing the whole damn thing, middle fingers to the sky and in full control of their work. Rock on.