642 ways to cure mid-summer boredom.

by liza darwin

On days like today where the temperatures are cruising above 90, we're always looking for something to do indoors that doesn't involve watching an all-day Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon...again. This is why we're pumped to discover this awesome new sketchbook, 242 Things to Draw.

Filled with hundreds of blank pages and prompts ranging from "egg" to "anchor" to "Van Gogh's ear," this simple concept is chock-full of easy inspiration. Not to mention it's perfect for long plane rides, rainy afternoons, and days when you're too sunburnt to hit the pool (careful!).

This visual journal may not guarantee you a slot in the next art show, but it's guaranteed to make your classroom doodles a heck of a lot more impressive come fall.

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