a minute at fashion week with gisele, behati, and the kills....

    by · March 19, 2012
    Fashion Week is kind of like a very glamorous tornado. It comes in with a gust, swirls around violently, and leaves everything a bit unsettled in its wake. But you’d never know that this frantic madness even exists, judging from Anna Bauer’s art book. In Anna Bauer Backstage, the German photographer captured those quiet, personal moments just before the lights dim and they roll out the runway. She shot over 200 models, celebrities, and industry pros on Polaroid film for new kind of Fashion Week journal- one that’s refreshingly intimate. The secret to this honest quality is Bauer’s vintage-inspired 4x5 large format camera, which takes up to a minute to each shot and forces her subjects to do something unexpected- sit still. See our favorite snaps of this calm before the storm below...Buy it here.
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