read a new kind of toy story with the latest from james jarvis.

by liza darwin

James Jarvis is no stranger to child's play. After all, the British illustrator first made his mark designing dolls over 10 years ago and is still creating his Popeye and Tin Tin-inspired toys today.

Since then he's also worked his way into the fashion and commercial world, animating Nike commercials, sketching on Coca Cola bottles, and decking out Liberty of London window displays in his whimsical creations.

Five years after his last literary release, the artist is at it again with a brand-new book. The graphic novel De Profundis (Latin for "out of the depths") follows the struggles of a frustrated artist navigating his way through an abandoned city.

But even though the plot might sounds intense and adult, don't worry. With Jarvis's playful sketches and mischievous vibe, we still think this 60-page tome is the best (grown-up) kids book around.

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