a behind-the-scenes look at life…if you’re the kills.

by rebecca willa davis

Before photographer Kenneth Cappello began shooting covers for NYLON Guys, he was the unseen third member of The Kills, following the band on the road, taking 600 rolls of film, and shooting over 20,000 pictures over the course of nine years. His favorites make up Dream & Drive, a captivating book filled with intimate behind-the-scenes shots that accurately portray the realities of band life (dirty hotel rooms, claustrophobic backstage areas, beer-stained jeans that haven't been washed for days).

Style icon Alison Mosshart might not always look her best--but she's so rock'n'roll that she doesn't even care. "I've seen a million photos of myself at this point," she explains. "There are some pictures in there that I wouldn't say are the most beautiful of myself, [but] they tell a story. It's not about if my face looks good, and I can appreciate that completely." The book also reveals something that's easy to forget when The Kills are now in with Kate Moss and Jack White: They were once up-and-comers themselves.

For Mosshart, Dream & Drive is a reminder that it's their time to pass the torch: "All the bands we take on tour with us tend to be quite a bit younger than us, and we take them on tour for a reason--because we really want to see them play." She adds, "With young people, they're the next up to bat, and it's really exciting to me. There are young bands that are doing it for the right reasons, a lot of kids out there that are like that, and they'll be around for many years."

But don't write-off The Kills just yet--this book isn't book-ending their career, it's just celebrating what's passed in the first 10 years. "We want to write a record," the singer, who dyed her signature raven-black tresses pink in homage to Kurt Cobain punk attitude, explains. "We have to figure out what's going to be, [because] we never really know, we don't really plan ahead."

You can pre-order Dream & Drive here.

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